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Public Relations Unit

Public Relations Unit
100 West First Street
Room 257-B
Los Angeles, California 90012

Responsibilities of the Public Relations Unit

The Public Relations Unit is an integral component of the Public Communications Section, Media Relations and Community Affairs Group, and the Office of the Chief of Police.  Committed to the Department's core value of Service to Our Communities, the Public Relations Unit is dedicated to the strategic progress of educating the public on important safety initiatives to help them improve their quality of life.  The Public Relations Unit personnel work with the diverse communities of Los Angeles to integrate the management principles of the LAPD.

The Public Relations Unit prepares many services; including:

  • Write and produce the Department's quarterly newsletter, The Beat
  • Write narratives for Medal of Valor and Recognition Day
  • Contribute content to the Department's blog with podcasts of news conferences and entries
  • Coordinate Department's Spanish language and Asian Pacific Islander media campaign
  • Build and activate educational public safety campaigns through the media
  • Coordinate the annual LAPD Essay Contest
  • Research and write the Department's Year in Review
  • Write Cop Talk, an internal communication from the Chief of Police to the rank and file
  • Research and write the Chief’s monthly message
  • Write and prepare letters of correspondence for the Chief of Police
  • Coordinate and produce episodes of Inside the LAPD on the City’s local cable access Channel 35
  • Attend weekly police commission meeting and report notes on the Blog
  • Assist in the planning and execution of special events and news conferences

The mission of the Entertainment Trademark Unit (ETU) is:

-To protect LAPD trademarked material used in the media, including the Internet and on commercial products, by maintaining proper licensing agreements when needed. Collectively referred to as "intellectual property," the primary components of the trademarked material are the Department's badge, acronym, uniform, motto and the appearance of patrol vehicles;
-To work with the entertainment industry in evaluating requests for Department support of or direct participation in films, television, and related ventures, as well as production coordination for such projects; and
-To facilitate management and marketing of the LAPD photo archives, a collection of nearly 1,000,000 historically significant photographs.

Public Relations Unit Personnel