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January 1999

01/29/99 - Shooting at Tommy's Burger in Rampart Area

01/29/99 - Update on Mid-Wilshire's Sexual Predator

01/28/99 - Wilshire Area Announces the Arrest of Mid-Wilshire's Robbery/Sexual Battery Suspect

01/27/99 - South Bureau Homicide Investigates a Murder in the Harbor Area

01/26/99 - Victim Gets Shot and is Discovered Several Hours Later in Devonshire Area

01/26/99 - Harbor Area Officers Rescues Teenager from Suicide Attempt

01/25/99 - LAPD SCUD Detail Targets the Hollywood Area

01/21/99 - South Bureau Homicide Investigates Homicide in Southeast Area

01/21/99 - Teacher's Aide at Columbus Middle School Gets Stabbed

01/20/99 - Seven Victims Injured During Shooting at Grand Avenue Restaurant Club

01/20/99 - Update - Central Area Robbery Suspects Arrested

01/20/99 - Van Nuys Area Teenager Gets Shot

01/20/99 - Van Nuys Area Detectives in Search of a Sexual Assault Suspect

01/19/99 - Homicide in North Hollywood

01/19/99 - North Hollywood Area Officers Capture Burglary Suspect

01/19/99 - Pursuit Ends Inside North Hollywood's Starbucks Coffee Shop

01/15/99 - Encino - The Target of Numerous Burglaries

01/14/99 - Press Conference in Harbor Area Regarding Grinders Restaurant Takeover

01/14/99 - Rampart Area Detectives Requesting Assistance in Capturing Robbery Suspects

01/13/99 - Homicide at Angel's Gate Park

01/11/99 - South Bureau Homicide Requesting Information on Murder Incident

01/08/99 - Central Area Detectives Investigate Robbery in the Chinatown District

01/07/99 - City of LA Offers Reward

01/07/99 - Wilshire Detectives Investigate Fraudulent Burglary Scheme Against Elderly Victims

01/07/99 - Allstate Insurance Company Presents Donates $10,000 to the Wilshire CommunityPolice Council

01/06/99 - Victim Confronted and Killed in 77th Area

01/06/99 - Foothill Dets Request Asst in Solving 187 Case

01/05/99 - DARE Elementary School Culmination

01/04/99 - North Hollywood Detectives Investigate Homicide Case

01/04/99 - Gang Drive-by Kills One and Injures Three in the North Hollywood Area

01/04/99 - Officer Wounded During Officer Involved Shooting in North Hollywood

01/04/99 - Northeast Area Officers Arrest Two Murder Suspects