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Patrick Smith, Commander

Patrick Smith

Police Sciences and Training Bureau

email Commander Patrick Smith is
the Assistant Commanding Officer of Police Sciences and Training
Bureau. Police Sciences and Training Bureau is responsible for
overseeing all aspects of police training for the Los Angeles
Police Department, from Recruit Training to In-Service Training for
tenured officers. This also includes compliance with Police Officer
Standards and Training requirements, Department-wide rifle, pistol
and shotgun range qualifications, and the Reserve Police Officer

Commander Smith is a regular member of the Use of Force Review
Board, which reviews all aspects of serious Use of Force Incidents,
Law Enforcement Related Injuries, Officer-Involved Shooting
Investigations and K-9 Contacts. Commander Smith is the chairperson
of the Tactics Training and Review Committee, which publishes
Department Tactical Directives and Training Bulletins. Commander
Smith is also a panelist on the Background Appeal and Review Panel;
thus, reviewing and evaluating the suitability of Department
pre-hire candidates. Commander Smith is a regular member of the
Risk Management Executive Committee, which evaluates and monitors
officer performance.

Prior to the above assignment, Commander Smith was a Captain III
and previous Captain II, of Metropolitan Division. As the
Commanding Officer of Metropolitan Division, his duties included
oversight of the SWAT Team, K-9 Platoon, Mounted Enforcement
Platoon, Dignitary Protection, Tactical Support Element Platoons
and the Underwater Dive Team. At Metropolitan Division, Commander
Smith responded to most major significant critical incidents facing
the Department such as, hostage situations, armed barricade
suspects, active-shooter situations, and officer involved shootings
with outstanding suspects.

Commander Smith previously served as the Patrol Commanding Officer
of the Hollenbeck Patrol Division, where he successfully led
significant crime-reduction strategies in the area. He also worked
significantly to improve overall community relations, community
engagement, and responses to community quality of life

Commander Smith began his law enforcement career as a police
officer in 1990. He became a Field Training Officer in 1994; a
Field Sergeant in 1998; a Sergeant II Assistant Watch Commander in
2001; Lieutenant I -Watch Commander in 2006; Lieutenant II-
Internal Affairs Section Officer-in-Charge in 2007; Captain
I-Patrol Commanding Officer in 2010; Captain II in 2012 and Captain
III in 2013, both Commanding Officer positions in Metropolitan
Division; and Police Commander in 2015.

Commander Smith's prior assignments include Academic Instructor at
the Los Angeles Police Department's Academy, Section
Officer-in-Charge at Internal Affairs Group, Internal Affairs
Investigator, Detective Watch Commander, Training Coordinator, and
Watch Commander. Prior to his promotion to Captain, he served as
the Lieutenant Adjutant for the Chief of Detectives.

Commander Smith has attended several leadership schools to include;
California POST Management Course, April, 2008; Senior Management
Institute for Policing, June 2012; LAPD Senior Counter-Terrorism
Management Training in Israel, October 2012; the National Incident
Management School, March 2013; and the United States Secret Service
Dignitary Protection Training, in Washington D.C., March

Commander Smith is a native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. He has a
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management and a Master of
Arts Degree in Organizational Management. He is also a proud
veteran of the United States Marine Corps.