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Office of Community Policing

The Police Commission, through the Community Policing Implementation Coordinator, is responsible for coordinating the Board’s efforts to implement the various recommendations of the Christopher Commission through its Management Steering Committee and Task Forces. The Coordinator serves as the Board’s liaison to various community groups and the Community-Police Advisory Boards throughout the City as well to the Department’s Community Policing Group. The Coordinator is also charged with reporting to the Mayor and City Council on matters pertaining to the implementation of community policing/government programs and policies, as requested.

The Community Policing Liaison was established at the behest of the Los Angeles City Council in 1996. This position is responsible for the oversight and coordination of all community policing-related activities, thus affirming that the City Council and the Board of Police Commissioners’ interests, goals, ideas and input on community policing are communicated regularly to Department staff, elected officials, community groups and other related entities. The Liaison ensures that the community policing philosophy is consistent with the implementation of the Christopher Commission recommendations and Strategic Plan.

Office of Community Policing (Community Policing Liaison)
100 West First Street, Room 250
Los Angeles, CA 90012