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Nani Shaked, Outstanding Community Member

Nani Shaked

Outstanding Community Member


Nani Shaked is a vital member of the Los Angeles Police Department and the West Valley Area. A native of Israel, Nani, described herself as a “bad kid” growing up, “always in the principal’s office.” Fortunately, she made it through those tumultuous times, and graduated high school, and became a member of the Israeli Air Force, where she served three years. Eventually, Nani left her homeland and moved to the United States, where she transplanted herself in a little corner of the San Fernando Valley known as Reseda. Thank goodness for US!

In the past twenty years, Nani has run her own business. As if that wasn’t enough about twelve years ago Nani decided to get involved in her community and was elected board member of the Reseda Neighborhood Council, where she served as chairman of the Outreach Committee. Soon after, she joined the West Valley Area Community Police Advisory Board, or CPAB, where she is currently the Alternate Co-Chair.

Since joining CPAB Nani has taken on the important responsibility of promoting the communities in the West Valley Area, as well as marketing the West Valley image, through various social media outlets like facebook, and twitter. She has spent countless hours developing the West Valley Facebook page, and is also responsible for creating and running the West Valley Area website. Nani is not someone who just sits in front of the computer and chats online but is a person who will research and study various media and marketing techniques, and who is actively coming up with new ideas to best optimize the message we are trying to put out.

When Nani is not at the computer she can usually be found at some community or civic event where she is either playing host, decorator, promoter, photographer, videographer, and on many occasions all the above.

Nani’s civic outreach efforts have made such a profound impact on the men and woman here at West Valley division that sometimes we forget she is not a police officer or employee. However, because of her unselfish dedication we can truly call her one of us.

From the bottom of a hearts we salute you!

Thank You Nani


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Nani Shaked, Outstanding Community Member
Nani Shaked
Outstanding Community Member