Behavioral Science Services

221 N Figueroa St
Suite 650
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Behavioral Science Services (BSS) was founded in 1968 with the hire of the first full-time psychologist in a police agency, thereby founding the modern field of Police Psychology. The evolution of BSS has led to it becoming one of the most comprehensive, multidisciplinary wellness and operational support programs in law enforcement. Comprised of administrative staff, sworn personnel who are certified alcohol drug counselors, and licensed health professionals that include police psychologists and a dietitian nutritionist, BSS provides services across four major domains: intervention, assessment, operational support, and organizational consultation.

In over 50 years of service, BSS has played an integral role in the evolution and advancement of both the LAPD and several health and well-being specialty areas related to law enforcement. It has served as the leader in inspiring agencies around the globe to establish similar programs, and its personnel have made numerous contributions to the greater law enforcement, police psychology, police nutrition, and police substance abuse fields by way of books, articles, published interviews, and presentations at major scientific and law enforcement conferences. Dr. Edrick H. Dorian, Chief Police Psychologist, is the commanding officer of Behavioral Science Services.

BSS services include:

  • Psychotherapy/counseling for individuals and relationships
  • Support/educational groups
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Substance abuse counseling
  • Crisis support services (including 24/7 “on call”)
  • Academy, roll call, and other specialized training
  • Operational support including SWAT crisis negotiations
  • Managerial consultation/Executive coaching
  • Peer Support and Critical Incident Response Teams Coordination
  • Program evaluation and outcome research

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