LAPD Command Staff

Natalie Cortez

Cortez, Natalie


Commander Natalie Cortez was born and raised in Southern California. She joined the Los Angeles Police Department in November 1993. Commander Cortez has worked a variety of divisions as a Police Officer which included Newton Division, Southeast Division, Southwest Division, Personnel Division and Legal Affairs Division.

In October 2000, Cortez promoted to the rank of Sergeant and was assigned Foothill Division as a Field Supervisor. After Foothill Division, she was assigned to Audit Division. In November 2002, she was upgraded to Sergeant II at Internal Affairs Division, where she worked as an Investigator. She later became the Aide to the Commanding Officer of Internal Affairs Group. After her tour at Internal Affairs, Cortez transferred to Employee Relations Group.

In 2007, Cortez was promoted to Lieutenant and was assigned to Van Nuys Division as a watch commander. In 2008, Cortez transferred to Gang and Narcotics Division where she was the Officer in Charge of Gang Support Section/Special Operations Section, which included the Gun Unit, CLEAR Director, and Asian Crime Task Force. In 2013, Cortez transferred to Detective Bureau where she was responsible for the Investigative Analysis Section, under the command of the Chief of Detectives.

In July 10, 2016, she was promoted to Captain and served as the West Valley Division Patrol Commanding Officer. In July of 2018, she transferred to Mission Division where she assumed the position of Area Captain. Cortez served for three years at Mission. One of her proudest moments was when she was able to implement a Police Activity League (PALS) center in one of the most gang ridden neighborhoods. Other highlights during her time at Mission include Annual “Adopt a Family” program, Holiday Toy Drive, Easter Egg Hunt, and a multitude of other community programs.

In June 2021, she was promoted to Commander in Operations-Valley Bureau. Cortez is deeply committed to the Valley and was honored to serve the Valley for eight months.

In February 2022, Commander Cortez was assigned to Transit Services Group. She is looking forward to this new assignment. It will provide an opportunity to work with other agencies and serve the communities on a city-wide level.

Commander Cortez possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Master of Arts in Organizational Management.

In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, and traveling with her family.