Command Staff

Meet Your LAPD Command Staff

The Los Angeles Police Department is one of the largest and most innovative law enforcement agencies in the world.

It is responsible for providing police service to an area encompassing 468 square miles and 21 community areas, representing approximately over 4 million residents as of 2022.

The Board of Police Commissioners oversees all operations of the LAPD.

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Choi, Dominic Chief of Police
Asucan, Elena Police Administrator I
Aubuchon, Dirk
Aubuchon, Dirk Director of Transportation II
Davila, Gerardo Captain III
Edrick Dorian
Dorian, Dr. Edrick H. Chief Police Psychologist
Tatiana Garcia
Garcia, Tatiana A. Police Administrator I
Gillani, Yasir
Gillani, Yasir Captain II
Gabriel Gnanapragasam
Gnanapragasam, Gabriel Police Administrator I
Gonzalez, Adrian
Gonzalez, Adrian Captain III
Graham, Donald
Graham, Donald Deputy Chief
keith green
Green, Keith A. Captain III
Hamilton, Alan S.
Hamilton, Alan S. Deputy Chief
Harrelson, Scott Deputy Chief
Hendley Hawkins
Hawkins, Hendley Captain III
Craig Heredia
Heredia, Craig Captain III
Hollis, Jeffrey
Hollis, Jeffrey Captain III
jay hom
Hom, Jay Captain III
Humphris, Cliff Captain III
Hwang, David
Hwang, David Captain II
James Hwang
Hwang, James Captain II
Jovel, Raul Captain III
Legaspi, Mara Police Administrator I
Karen Leong
Leong, Karen Captain I
Lium, Bryan
Lium, Bryan Commander
James Lopez
Lopez, James Captain I
Lopez, Joel
Lopez, Joel Police Administrator II
Rodolfo Lopez
Lopez, Rodolfo Captain III
Marco Lozano
Lozano, Marco Captain III
Lucas, Raymond Captain III
Mastick, Jay
Mastick, Jay Commander
McGuyre, Brent
McGuyre, Brent Captain III
McIntyre, Curtis
McIntyre, Curtis Captain III
McMahon, John
McMahon, John Deputy Chief
alex medel
Medel, Alex Captain II
Mendoza, Alfonso
Mendoza, Alfonso Captain III
mario mota
Mota, Mario Captain III
kelly muniz
Muniz, Kelly Captain III
Musquiz, Richard
Musquiz, Richard Municipal Captain I
Neal, Al
Neal, Alcenda Commander
Toyin V. Olaoye
Olaoye, Toyin V. Director of Systems
oreb, michael
Oreb, Michael Deputy Chief
Ortiz, Yvonne
Ortiz, Yvonne Captain III
Otero, Anthony Captain II
Rainey, Andre Captain I
Ramos, Steve Commander
Randolph, Daniel Assistant Chief
Reina, Marc
Reina, Marc Deputy Chief
Ms Rhodes
Rhodes, Lizabeth Police Administrator III
Rimkunas, Michael
Rimkunas, Michael Deputy Chief
Russell, Sandra
Russell, Sandra Police Administrator II
annemarie sauer
Sauer, Annemarie Police Administrator III
Shah, John Commander
Smith, Johnny
Smith, Johnny Captain I
Sun, Edward
Sun, Edward Captain II
Brian Taft
Taft, Brian Police Administrator
Tingirides, Emada
Tingirides, Emada Deputy Chief
Jonathan Tom
Tom, Jonathan Commander
Unzicker, Trina
Unzicker, Trina Police Administrator II