LAPD Command Staff

Hamed Mohammadi



Commander Mohammadi was born in Tehran, Iran. At the age of 10, he immigrated to the United States and was raised in the City of Los Angeles. In 1996, Commander Mohammadi began working for the Los Angeles Police Department as a Civilian Volunteer.

In 2002, Commander Mohammadi fulfilled his long-time aspiration of joining the Los Angeles Police Department as a police officer. Since then, he has served in the four geographic Bureaus of the City. As a police officer, he worked a variety of assignments including Patrol, Vice Investigator, Bicycle Patrol, and Field Training Officer.

In 2013, Commander Mohammadi was promoted to the rank of sergeant and worked as a field supervisor and Adjutant at 77th Street Area.

In 2016, Commander Mohammadi was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, where he was assigned as a Watch Commander and the Assistant Detective Commanding Officer at Olympic Area. While at Olympic, he conducted extensive research and gained a vast knowledge pertaining to Diplomatic Affairs.

In 2019, Commander Mohammadi was promoted to the rank of captain and served as the Commanding Officer of Newton and West Los Angeles Patrol Divisions. In 2020, he was appointed as the Commanding Officer of Special Operations Division.

In 2021, Commander Mohammadi was appointed as the Commanding Officer of North Hollywood Area. During his time there, Commander Mohammadi started the Annual Winter Wonderland holiday event where over 45,000 pieces of toys were given to the community. Additionally, Commander Mohammadi increased the number of the North Hollywood civilian volunteers to more than 200 community members.

In 2023, Commander Mohammadi was promoted to the rank of Commander and assigned to the newly formed Strategic Planning Group where he oversees the coordination of the safety and security planning to enhance the Los Angeles Police Department’s readiness for spontaneous incidents and preplanned events.

Commander Mohammadi is the first Iranian-American to attain the rank of Commander in the history of the Los Angeles Police Department. He has extensive experience in the Incident Command System and been a member of several Incident Management Teams responsible for high-profile events throughout the City. Commander Mohammadi is a recipient of the Police Star and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving California Hero Award.

Commander Mohammadi graduated from California State University, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, and from California State University, Northridge with a Master of Public Administration with Distinction.