LAPD Command Staff

Garrett Peyton

Payton Garrett


Captain Garrett Peyton has had the honor of serving the community members of Los Angeles for over 21 years. Captain Peyton was born and raised in Southern California and received his bachelor’s degree from California State University Northridge. Captain Peyton is a second-generation Los Angeles Police Officer who followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 2002. Captain Peyton is married and has two children.

After graduating from the academy, Captain Peyton completed his probation at Foothill Area and then transferred to West Valley Area. While assigned to West Valley Area, he had the opportunity to work various uniformed and plainclothes assignments, which included patrol, Property Crimes Detail, and the Vice Unit. In 2007, Captain Peyton was upgraded to Police Officer III and assigned as a Field Training Officer.

On January 4, 2009, Captain Peyton was part of Topanga Area’s grand opening and continued his work as a Field Training Officer. While assigned to Topanga Area, he was also given the opportunity to work specialized assignments, which included the Special Problems Unit, the Parole Compliance Unit and the Topanga Area Property Crimes Detail.

In 2013, Captain Peyton was promoted to Sergeant and assigned to West Valley Area, serving as a field supervisor, and working the Complaint Unit. As a Sergeant II, he worked as an investigator assigned to Internal Affairs Group, Administrative Investigation Section. In 2015, Captain Peyton transferred to the Office of Operations and became the Officer-In-Charge of the Field Deployment Unit. In 2016, he was assigned as the Commander’s Aide for the Assistant to the Director, Office of Operations. Captain Peyton worked as a Commander’s Aide for four different Commanders and three different Assistant Chiefs during his time at the Office of Operations.

In 2019, Captain Peyton was promoted to Lieutenant and assigned to North Hollywood Area as a watch commander. Due to his knowledge of deployment for the Los Angeles Police Department, the Office of Operations requested for Captain Peyton to assist with the Department’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020. He was later assigned as the Adjutant to the Director of Office of Operations. In 2021, Captain Peyton was upgraded to Lieutenant II and assigned as the Adjutant for the Chief of Staff where he remained until his promotion to Captain.

He was promoted to Captain on October 10, 2023, and appointed as the Topanga Division Patrol Commanding Officer. Captain Peyton has a significant amount of experience with the Incident Command System and has been a member of multiple Incident Management Teams responsible for high-profile events and major incidents throughout the City of Los Angeles.

When not working, Captain Peyton enjoys spending time with his family while fishing, swimming, and enjoying the outdoors.