LAPD Command Staff

Silvia Sanchez

Sanchez, Silvia


Captain Silvia L. Sanchez was born in Orange, California. She currently resides in Orange County with her two beautiful daughters. She graduated from Santiago High School and continued her education at Union Institute & University where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.

Captain Sanchez began her career with the Los Angeles Police Department on March 15, 1999. From 1999-2004, Captain Sanchez was assigned to 77th Division and Wilshire Division as a police officer where she was assigned to patrol, foot beat, R.E.A.C.T, Career Criminal Detail, and the Complaint Unit.

She was promoted to Detective in 2005 and worked a variety of tables in both Rampart and 77th division.

Upon being promoted to Sergeant in 2006, she was assigned to West Los Angeles Division, where she was also the Patrol Adjutant and Complaint Coordinator. She then transferred to Harbor Division where she was assigned to patrol as a Field Supervisor.

In 2009, Captain Sanchez lateralled to a Detective Supervisor position and was assigned to the Mental Evaluation S.M.A.R.T. detail under D.S.V.D., operating as a Field Supervisor and Watch Commander.

From 2010-2013, Captain Sanchez was assigned to Southwest Division as a Night Watch Detective.

In 2013, Captain Sanchez was assigned to the Ombuds Office for several years where she investigated, mediated, and conciliated workplace issues. She also conducted workplace assessments. During her tenure there, she became a City Attorney’s Office Certified Dispute Resolution Mediator.

Captain Sanchez was promoted to Lieutenant in 2018 and was assigned to Northeast Area where she was the Patrol Watch Commander and the Assistant Detective Commanding Officer.

In 2022, Captain Sanchez was promoted to Lieutenant II and assigned to the Operations-Central Bureau Gang Coordinator’s Office.

In 2022, Captain Sanchez was promoted to Captain and assigned to Hollenbeck Area as the Patrol Commanding Officer.

Captain Sanchez is a graduate of the West Point Leadership Academy and the LAPD Leadership Academy.

Captain Sanchez’ work history has included a wide variety of assignments, including patrol, specialized units, administrative, and investigative details.