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Emergency Preparedness Unit (EPU)

Emergency Preparedness Unit
1149 S. Broadway St., 5th Floor

The Emergency Preparedness Unit (EPU) is within the Emergency Management Section (EMS) of Emergency Operations Division (EOD). EPU is responsible for preparing and training Department personnel to respond to critical incidents, natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Duties include: developing, directing and reviewing table top and functional exercises; reviewing, revising, and developing existing and new Department policies and procedures, classroom instruction and public presentations, and researching emergency preparedness topics such as earthquakes, terrorist attacks, and pandemic diseases. Additional duties include:

•Developing and maintaining the Emergency Operations Guide (EOG)
•Evaluating procedures, tactics, and techniques to be employed during disasters and other emergencies
•Developing methods for the collection and evaluation of information (for intelligence purposes) related to the control of emergencies
•Coordinating the preparation of a written history of a UO when directed by the Department Director of Emergency Operations
•Providing Staff Assistance to the following:
•Labor Advisory Committee;
•County Emergency Preparedness Commission; and,
•County Red Cross Disaster Committee
•Evaluating the After-Action Reports, UO Histories, Special Events Critiques, Journals, and other reports related to unusual occurrences for consideration in future planning and training
•Providing direction and support to all commands for the annual audits and updates of Standing Plans
•Researching, preparing, and distributing Emergency Preparedness Bulletins on timely topics regarding emergency preparedness and incident management
•Coordinating the acquisition and administration of federal homeland security grants received by the Department
•Maintaining a special liaison with the Emergency Management Commission for the County and City of Los Angeles to coordinate emergency operations and management planning
•Observing and evaluating Department activities in the control of serious and major unusual occurrences
•Providing specialized assistance to Incident Commanders
•Providing staff assistance for inter-bureau Command Post exercises and field exercises conducted by public and private agencies
•Evaluating all lesson plans intended for emergency control exercises at Department organized schools
•Developing and providing training to Department personnel on incident management for unusual occurrences including acts of terrorism
•Assisting Department entities in preparations for maintenance of operations during natural disasters and other unusual occurrences

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