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TEAMS II Development Bureau

340 E. 2nd Street, Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Deputy Chief David R. Doan is the Commanding Officer of TEAMS II Development Bureau.

On June 15, 2001, the United States District Court, Central District of California, entered a Consent Decree between the City of Los Angeles (City) and the United States Department of Justice. The Consent Decree mandates the implementation of an "early warning system" that is a successor to and not merely a modification of the current Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) TEAMS system. In the Consent Decree, that system is called TEAMS II. The centerpiece of the TEAMS II Development Program is the Risk Management Information System (RMIS). The purpose of the RMIS is to establish a database containing relevant information about LAPD employees, including officers, supervisors, and managers; to promote professionalism and best policing practices; and to assist in identifying and modifying potential at-risk behaviors. The RMIS is intended to primarily meet the requirements for risk management in the Consent Decree. It will allow system users to view and analyze operational and personnel information in an efficient and comprehensive manner. Users will be able to request information pertinent to supervising and auditing the performance of specific employees, supervisors, managers, individual LAPD units, divisions, and the Department as a whole.

With the concurrent development of several important and complex computer systems, several documents and processes require concurrent review by the City. In January 2002, the City acted to establish an "LAPD Management System Reengineering Project" (MSRP). This was done to 1) enhance management of the TEAMS II Development Program and 2) better enable the City to accommodate the workload associated with concurrent system development and ensure adequate oversight of system development. The MSRP is a unique structure within the City, which combines LAPD and Information Technology Agency (ITA) resources to ensure close coordination and communication responsibility for the development and implementation between these essential TEAMS II development entities. The MSRP has primary responsibility for the development and implementation of the TEAMS II Development Program components, including but not limited to the RMIS, Use of Force System (UOFS), Complaint Management System (CMS), a personnel tracking system, chain of command hierarchy application enhancements, existing source system enhancements, source system data extraction efforts required for RMIS data mart interface, and LAPD infrastructure needs.

A Deputy Chief position was established to head the MSRP to provide the authority necessary to draw on the diverse resources of the LAPD. Resources from the Critical Incident Investigation Unit (responsible for Categorical Use of Force administrative investigations), Internal Affairs Group (responsible for misconduct complaint investigations), Information Technology Division, Employee Relations Group, field staff, etc., all of which lie within separate chains of command within LAPD, will be required to design and test the various TEAMS II Development Program systems. An ITA Assistant General Manager position was established as the MSRP Project Manager under the Deputy Chief. TEAMS II Development Bureau was formally established in May 2003.