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Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau

Meet Your LAPD Bureau Deputy Chief and Commander

kowalski david
David J. Kowalski
Deputy Chief

Deputy Chief David Kowalski currently serves as the Commanding Officer of the...

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paulson, shannon
Shannon K. Paulson

Commander Shannon Paulson joined the Los Angeles Police Department on November 4,...

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Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau (CTSOB) is comprised of Counter-Terrorism Group and Special Operations Group.  Counter-Terrorism Group is comprised of Major Crimes Division and Emergency ServicesDivision.  Special Operations Group is comprised of Metropolitan Division, Air Support Division, and Security Services Division.  Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau is responsible for planning, response and intelligence.

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To Prevent terrorism by effectively sharing information aimed at disrupting terrorist’s operational capability and addressing the underlying causes associated with the motivational component; to Protect the public and critical infrastructure by leveraging private sector resources and hardening targets; to Pursue terrorists and those criminal enterprises that support them; and, to Prepare the citizenry and the city government for consequences associated with terrorist operations against the city.

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