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Mini Mounties

Mini Mounties is a public service outreach program established by the Mounted Platoon officers.

The program consists of the revolving 'adoption' of inner-city elementary school students and the accompanying them on various outings.  Such outings include the attending of various sporting events, performances at the Pantages Theater and excursions to different amusement parks.  This program has provided these children with extraordinary opportunities and experiences that they would normally not have access to.

To date, there has been interaction with over 5,000 students.  Mini Mounties was founded in 2004, in collaboration with City of Hope's voucher redemption initiative.  At present, the program is now funded in large by The Mounted Platoon Foundation as well as officer donations and private donors.  Recognized for embracing the spirit of partnership with the community, officers were awarded the Crystal Angel Award by The Los Angeles Police Foundation.  The Mounted Platoon is applauded for their exceptional endeavors and is to be commended for providing prominent service to the community for the betterment of the children (future leaders) of the City of Los Angeles.