Off-Road Enforcement


Valley Traffic Division
7870 Nollan Place, Panorama City
(818) 644-8230


The Off Road Unit (ORU) is comprised of motor officers (3-supervisors, 11-officers) currently assigned to Valley Traffic Division.  The members of the unit have completed a post certified course in the operations of dual purpose motorcycle enforcement.  The unit is responsible to patrol the hillsides and the mountains that encompass the City of Los Angeles.  These mountains that surround the City of Los Angeles are rugged, steep and not easily accessible to the normal patrol vehicle. Our mission is to patrol these hillsides and conduct any criminal investigation that we may encounter and provide enforcement within this rugged terrain.

In addition, the ORU works with the United States Department of Forestry inside the boundaries of the Angeles National Forest to prevent illegal off-highway vehicle activity, trespassing and prevention of natural resource damage. We are also working in partnership with the Department of Water and Power to conduct enforcement surrounding the power lines, towers, and water ways that traverse through the hillsides within the City. These hillsides contain our own communication systems (repeaters) for the emergency system that we utilize. We work with the Southern California Gas Company who have exposed gas lines on the hills and also utilize these hills by providing natural gas to the entire Southern California region. As you know both these utility companies are very important to our Southern California community and a great concern for homeland security. These utility resources are vital to the City and continue to be a top priority to the ORU.

The ORU has six dual purpose motorcycles, two off road trucks and one trailer that can traverse in this rugged terrain. The ORU works in partnership with the Los Angeles Fire Department, California State Parks, United States Department of Forestry, Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Department of Public Works, Los Angeles Department of Water/Power and Recreation and Parks Division.  During the identified fire season “Red Flag Days”, we work in partnership with the Los Angeles Fire Department deploying to areas declared high fire danger zones and remind residences in those areas of their responsibility to keep roads clear for emergency vehicles. The ORU also provides education for the off road enthusiast in regards to legal operations and locations to safely enjoy off road adventures. The ORU participates at community gatherings and school events (static display) to educate and provide a positive exposure and resource for the Department.

At this time the ORU is inviting public comments on its preliminary grant application to the California State Parks Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation (OHMVR) Division to help manage off-highway vehicle recreation opportunities on public lands.

The Preliminary application will be available on the OHMVR Division’s Website  for review and comments from Tuesday, March 5, 2024 through Monday, May 6, 2024. The Division’s website will provide detailed instructions for accessing the preliminary application and submitting comments. Please note: Comments may be submitted via email to both the OHMVR Division and the Los Angeles Police Department ORU. Comments to the ORU should be submitted to Officer Steven Griffith,