Facilitate, Coordinate, and Maintain Categorical and Non-Categorical Uses of Force incidents and databases

Critical Incident Review Division

Commanding Officer Captain Matthew Plugge

100 W. First St. Room 268
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Critical incident Review Division (CIRD) is responsible for critically reviewing and analyzing all Use of Force (UOF) incidents within the City. The CIRD consists of the following sections: Categorical Use of Force Section, Non-Categorical Use of Force Section, and Tactics Review Section. Some of their responsibilities include:

  • facilitating the adjudication of Categorical and Non-Categorical Uses of Force on behalf of the Chief of Police;
  • coordinating the Use of Force Review Board for Categorical Use of Force incidents;
  • maintaining and updating Categorical and Non-Categorical use of force databases;
  • in addition to preparing statistical information on Use of Force incidents and completing the annual Use of Force Year-End Review Report.