"Mission: The mission of the Public Engagement Section is to create inclusive opportunities for public participation in Departmental programs, increasing understanding, awareness, and a sense of civic responsibility."

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The Public Engagement Section (PE) was commissioned by the Office of Operations to establish a constructive platform of inclusion to the public we serve. We seek to build a mutually beneficial pathway to address the fears and concerns of the public. Our mandate is active and meaningful engagement, providing opportunities to increase public confidence and develop reciprocal understanding. Our Public Engagement strategy focuses on the publics fundamental concerns, including youth development and civic responsibility.

Public Engagement Defined:
The intentional collaborative action, involving members of public and police personnel, resulting in a mutually beneficial outcome.

Principles of the Public Engagement Section:
1. Public Empowerment for Community Improvement
2. Beneficial Collaboration
3. Inclusivity
4. Shared Responsibility
5. Deliberate Execution

Primary Essential Functions:
1. Create inclusive opportunities for public participation in Department initiated community programs, which includes the  Reserve Police Officer Program and the Community Volunteer Program;

2. Actively seek out members of the public to engage in community dialogues to improve mutual understanding;

3. Provide functional oversite over Departmental youth programs, to include Cadets, Junior Cadets, Police Activities League (PAL), and Jeopardy;

4. Guide, mentor, and provide professional insight to youth participants in the Police Orientation & Preparation Program (POPP) and Police Academy Magnet School (PAM);

5. Plan, coordinate and host the Youth Cadet Leadership Academy and Graduation;

6. Develop relationship-based policing training and design focus groups to further improve the Department’s overall strategic community engagement efforts;

7. Initiate, develop and implement a Multi-Cultural Inclusive Coalition, to identify, plan and mobilize, to create solution-based initiatives to enhance public safety;

8. Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts on an as needed basis.

➢ Days of Dialogue: Series on Policing, Racism, the Pandemic and Beyond
➢ LGBTQ Engagement
➢ Community Volunteers
➢ Police Reserves
➢ Youth Education with POPP & PAMS
➢ Youth Leadership
➢ Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
➢ Multi-Cultural Inclusive Coalition
➢ Community Interactive Experience (CIE Mobile FOS)
➢ Community Policing Orientation (aka Community Police Academy)

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