Investigation and Enforcement Section

100 West 1st Street, Room 147
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Main: (213) 996-1250

The Investigation and Enforcement Section (IES) is responsible for conducting compliance inspections and enforcing the business regulation provisions of the Los Angeles Municipal Code (LAMC) as it relates to Chapter X. Duties include the investigation and enforcement of all first amendment related permits, contested permits (such as permits with adverse history concerns) as well as preparing and presenting cases before the Police Permit Review Panel. In addition, Investigation and Enforcement Section assumes primary responsibility for upfront inspections and undercover operations of permitted businesses citywide to ensure permit compliance except for those applications, complaints, or investigations in which the OPG Section has investigative responsibility.

IES enforcement activities are directed toward those individuals and businesses that require Board Permits. Enforcement may be implemented in support of Divisional objectives (such as working with a geographic vice unit) or in support of the Department and Board’s regulatory efforts (independent of a geographic division). CID’s primary goal is to regulate permittees through a program of voluntary compliance. Investigators should be willing to assist permittees through the application process while constantly weighing the safety and regulation concerns of the public and the City of Los Angeles.