Recruit potential candidates, provide assistance and guidance, and mentor candidates through the selection process

Recruitment and Employment Division

Commanding Officer - Captain Robin Petillo

700 E. Temple Street
Room B-28
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Recruitment Section (213)473-3450
Commanding Officer (213)486-4753

The Officer-in-Charge, Recruitment Section, maintains liaison with the following entities: City of Los Angeles Personnel Department, Civil Services Commission and Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office.

Functions of the Recruitment Section

Recruitment Section is responsible for the following functions: Recruit potential candidates at events, and provide assistance and guidance at test site locations; respond to inquiries from candidates that are received by telephone, e-mail or correspondence; mentor candidates as they progress through the selection process; conduct oral interview seminars and facilitate a question and answer session at the written test sites; develop and maintain an event calendar; and travel to specified locations to recruit and on occasion, administer the Police Officer written test at those locations.