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Friday, November 5, 2010

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Chief of Police Charlie Beck Regarding Jessicas Law NR10520mg

Los Angeles: Chief of Police Charlie Beck has responded to a newspaper article regarding Jessica’s Law.
The intent of this statement is to clarify the Department’s position relative to the comments attributed to Chief Beck in today’s Los Angeles Times article, “Judge Eases Ban on Sex Felons.”   The Los Angeles Police Department and Chief Charlie Beck DO NOT agree with Judge Espinoza’s decision to limit the conditions of Jessica’s Law.

On November 1, 2010, the Honorable Peter Espinoza, Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles, re-issued (originally issued over two months prior) a Stay of Enforcement of Penal Code 3003.5(b) as to registered sex offenders on active parole in Los Angeles County.  In that order, the court chose to include references to Chief Beck regarding the impact on the increased number of homeless registered sex offenders.   Factually, the Department prepared a report to the Los Angeles City Council with information related to the concentration of sexual registrants in residential housing, not the merits of Jessica’s Law.  The LAPD completed that report and presented it to the Los Angeles City Council Public Safety Committee in October 2010.  

Chief Beck supports this report as intended to provide the Los Angeles City Council with the information to make the most appropriate decision regarding adding additional restrictions to Jessica’s Law.  This report, approved by Chief Beck, was intended solely to discuss the potential impact of additional restrictions placed on top of Jessica’s Law and not to draw a conclusion on the merits of any provision of Jessica’s Law.  

Chief Charlie Beck DOES NOT agree with Judge Espinoza’s decision to limit the conditions of Jessica’s Law.

To see the decision, please click below, or go to: Click on Police Commission (on left side of page).  Navigate to "Meeting Agendas, October 5, 2010, and Item No. 8-E."



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