Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau

Deputy Chief David J. Kowalski
100 West First Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau (CTSOB) is comprised of Counter-Terrorism Group and Special Operations Group.  Counter-Terrorism Group is comprised of Major Crimes Division and Emergency ServicesDivision.  Special Operations Group is comprised of Metropolitan Divison, Air Support Division, and Security Services Division.  Counter-Terrorism and Special Operations Bureau is responsible for planning, response and intelligence.

CTSOB mission:
To Prevent terrorism by effectively sharing information aimed at disrupting terrorist’s operational capability and addressing the underlying causes associated with the motivational component; to Protect the public and critical infrastructure by leveraging private sector resources and hardening targets; to Pursue terrorists and those criminal enterprises that support them; and, to Prepare the citizenry and the city government for consequences associated with terrorist operations against the city.

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Major Crimes Division

  • Criminal Conspiracy Section
  • Intelligence Investigations Section
  • Liaison Section
  • Surveillance Section

Emergency Services Division

  • Emergency Planning Section
  • Emergency Operations Section
  • Field and Community Support Section
  • Hazardous Devices Sections
  • Bomb Squad Unit
  • Hazardous Materials Unit
  • Operations Section

Metropolitan Division

Air Support Division

Security Services Division

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