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McGuyre, Brent
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Serving the Following Communities:

Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, San Pedro, Terminal Island, Wilmington

Under the Jurisdiction of:
For Traffic & Homicide, See:

Station Contact Info

2175 John S. Gibson Blvd.
San Pedro, CA 90731

310-726-7700 Voice
310-726-7706 TDD/TTY

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Located at the entrance of the Port of Los Angeles, the busiest port in the Western Hemisphere, Harbor Community Police Station serves as a beacon, ensuring the safe passage for all those who live and work in the area. Harbor Area has a population of approximately 171,000, encompasses 27 square miles, the largest area in South Bureau, and is home to four distinct communities: San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City and the Harbor Gateway. Harbor Area is under the jurisdiction of South Bureau.

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  • Continued reduction in violent crime.
  • Continued reduction in property crime.
  • Reinforce strong working relationships with the diverse residential and business communities that comprise Harbor Area.
  • Increased emphasis on programs that address juvenile delinquency issues
    Harbor Area Mission Statement

It is the mission of Harbor Area to help make this community a safer place to live and work. This will be accomplished by focusing on the reduction of crime, the reduction of the fear of crime and by enhancing the relationship between all segments of our community and the Police Department.

Harbor Community Overview

Harbor Area encompasses 27 square miles, which is the largest area in Operations South Bureau. The crime fighting and community activities of the Harbor Community Police Station play a vital role in the economic wellbeing of not only the Harbor Area, but also the entire Los Angeles basin.

Harbor area is home to four distinct communities: San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City and the Harbor Gateway. Each of these communities possesses its own unique character.

The residential communities in this area range from the very affluent South Shores area of San Pedro to the more economically challenged East Wilmington. Of the 21 geographic divisions which comprise the City of Los Angeles, Harbor Area currently ranks third lowest in the City in the categories of Part 1 crimes and Property crimes.

The booming fishing industry of the 1940s and 50s, and the expansion of the Port of Los Angeles and the fledgling aircraft industry brought a mixture of European and Hispanic immigrants to the area. Their influence and culture are still strong even though those particular industries are no longer as prosperous as they once were. These cultural influences, coupled with strong family ties that encourage offspring to remain in the area, have created a large and diverse community with a small town flavor.

The United States military has always been an important presence in the Harbor Area, which is home to Los Angeles Air Force Base’s Fort MacArthur Annex and two additional military family housing annexes at White Point. Department of Defense Police Officers assigned to the 61st Security Forces Squadron patrol these facilities and work closely with L.A.P.D., Harbor Area officers to provide optimum police services and protection for this segment of our community. L.A.P.D. retains, however, an ongoing responsibility for ensuring the safety of these residents.

The economic diversity of the Harbor Area is as significant as the diversity of its residents. The Area is rich in both heavy and light industry and many of our residents enjoy the luxury of working and living in the same community. The Harbor Area is home to the Port of Los Angeles, which is a major employer. In addition, three major oil refineries, full-service shipyards, a major cruise ship terminal, fuel storage facilities and the Ports O’Call Village make the Harbor Area a major source of employment. Economically, the community remains strong. Major expansion of the Port has created hundreds of jobs for area residents.

As Harbor Area moves forward crime and quality of life issues will continue to be major concerns for local residents and business owners. However, there is reason for optimism. Residents of the Harbor Area continue to be very strong supporters of the Los Angeles Police Department. Their advocacy is demonstrated by their commitment to becoming involved. Volunteer Police workers continue to actively donate their time to the Area, contributing thousands of hours annually, allowing officers to concentrate more on crime fighting rather than administrative activities.

As Harbor Area looks into the future, we recognize the need to become more involved in the youth of the community. In addition to traditional enforcement efforts, more emphasis will be placed on programs that address juvenile delinquency issues. An investment now will pay significant dividends in the future.

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