17-Year-Old Male Points Handgun at Officer

January 23, 2009

Los Angeles: A 17-year-old male pulled out a handgun and pointed it at an officer, which resulted in an officer-involved shooting.

On January 21, 2009 at about 5:50 p.m., two LAPD officers pulled into a Carls Jr. restaurant parking lot at 11224 Western Avenue, intending to purchase food.  The officers observed a teenager walk across the parking lot and enter the restaurant.

Officer Vincent Rojas, who has 23 months with the Department, entered the restaurant and stood in the service line where the 17-year-old was placing an order.  The teen appeared nervous and was pre-occupied by the officer’s presence.  Within seconds, the subject ran from the location.  The officer followed the teen into the parking lot.  The subject pulled out a handgun and pointed it at Officer Rojas.  The officer fired at the subject, who continued to run and was later taken into custody.  A replica semiautomatic handgun was recovered at the scene.

Neither the officers nor the subject were injured.

Force Investigation Division personnel responded and are investigating the officer-involved shooting and the crime against the officer.