2004 Year In Review News Conference

January 11, 2005

"Summary of 2004 Year In Review News Conference"
Los Angeles Police Department Chief of Police William J. Bratton; Mayor James K. Hahn; David S. Cunningham III, President of the Los Angeles Police Commission
Year In Review News Conference and the Announcement of 2005 Police Department Goals
Thursday, January 13, 2005
11:00 a.m.
Communications Division
3rd Floor Media Room
100 North Los Angeles Street
Los Angeles
Los Angeles: Chief Bratton appeared before an audience of local media reporters to announce the preliminary year-end statistics on crime in Los Angeles and the LAPD’s goals for the coming year. Mayor Hahn, Police Commission President Cunningham and a contingent of local community members flanked the chief as he announced a 13.6 percent reduction for Part I crime in 2004. Crime was down significantly in every major category, except homicide, which dropped 0.4 percent, for a difference of 2 murders from 2003.
When asked why the homicide reduction was so small compared to the other categories, the chief admitted the small reduction in homicide was inconsistent. Robberies were down, shots-fired reports were down. "You would expect the murder rate to follow, but it didn’t," the chief said.
Chief Bratton praised the LAPD and its officers for their "focus, innovation, perseverance, and just plain hard work." While the reduction was short of the stated 20-percent goal, the chief said it was both "significant and laudable" given the personnel and resource shortages LAPD faces. "This is a truly great police department," Chief Bratton added, "and I know what we could do if we had more cops and the resources we need."
In that the spirit, Chief Bratton announced that he would not back away from setting goals for this year. The most significant of them being a commitment to reduced Part I crime another 10 percent over 2004’s reduction. In the absence of needed resources, the chief compared the police department to a fire department that has to spread its limited resources during brush-fire season. "We move what we have to the most pressing problem at the moment," the chief said.
Mayor Hahn and President Cunningham praised Chief Bratton’s leadership and thanked his officers for their hard work. Both advocated a continued commitment to the police department for more personnel and equipment through initiatives that would bring more revenue to the city, such as the proposed ½ cent sales tax.
This news advisory was prepared by the Los Angeles Police Department’s Media Relations Section. For additional information, please call 213-485-3586.