2005 Safe and Sober Graduation Operation

May 24, 2005

8th Annual Safe and Sober Graduation Minor Decoy and Decoy Shoulder Operation
Beginning June 1, 2005
Vicinity of Los Angeles Unified School District High Schools (LAUSD)
Operation Alcoholic Beverage and Control (ABC), Vice Division, Area Vice Unit Personnel
Between June 22 and July 1, and estimated 27,500 students will graduate from LAUSD high schools. Many of these students celebrating this significant event in their young lives, will be attempting to use alcoholic beverages as a means of enhancing their celebrations.
Surveys conducted by major universities indicate that approximately 75 percent of high school seniors have consumed an alcoholic beverage in the past six months. Studies also indicate that 46 percent of these students will obtain the alcoholic beverage by soliciting adults outside of markets and liquor stores.
This operation is designed to curtail the accessibility of alcoholic beverages and promote "safe and sober" graduations throughout the 61 Los Angeles Unified School District high schools. The operation also inhibits the flow of alcoholic beverages at two primary sources: licensed locations and the parking lots of these locations.
The Decoy Shoulder Tap Operations will be conducted throughout the summer months on a Citywide basis in order to curtail the accessibility of alcoholic beverages to minors and reduce alcohol-related crimes.
For additional information, please contact Detective Rick McElroy, Operation ABC, Vice Division, at 213-473-7642.