2007 Safe & Sober Operation

May 30, 2007

LAPD “Operation ABC”

June 1, 2007 to June 29, 2007

Vacinity of all Los Angeles Unified High School

L.A.P.D. Detective Support and Vice Division(DSVD)

Between May 16, 2007 to June 29, 2007, an estimated 27,000 students will graduate from LAUSD. Past events have shown that many of these students will attempt to enhance their graduation celebrations through the use of alcoholic beverages. In order to save the lives of under-aged individuals and curtail the availability of alcoholic beverages to them, vice units will be conducting a series of minor decoy and decoy shoulder tap operations coinciding with high school graduations in their respective areas.

Last year’s operation resulted in the solicitation of 368 adults, with 45 violations. Additionally, 233 licensed ABC locations with close proximity to local high schools and colleges were inspected by the minor decoy program, which resulted in 50 clerks being cited for selling alcohol to a minor.

Any individuals who are convicted of furnishing alcoholic beverages to a minor will face a mandatory $1,000 fine and 24 hours of community service.

For additional information, please contact Detective III Rick McElroy, Operation ABC, DSVD at 213-972-2531.