2008 Safe and Sober Graduation Operation Operation ABC

May 8, 2008

Safety Operation

May and June, 2008

Various Locations

The Los Angeles Police Department will initiate the 11th Annual Safe and Sober Graduation Operation during the month of May 2008. This project is designed to curtail the accessibility of alcoholic beverages and to promote “safe and sober” graduations throughout the 61 Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) high schools. Between May 21 and June 27, an estimated 28,900 students will graduate from LAUSD high schools.

Based on past events, it is anticipated that many of these students will be celebrating this significant event in their young lives. A number of them will be attempting to use alcoholic beverages as a means of enhancing their celebrations. In an attempt to reduce the availability of alcoholic beverages to underage individuals and thereby save lives, vice units will be conducting a series of operations coinciding with high school graduations in their respective areas.

The operations are designed to inhibit the flow of alcoholic beverages at Licensed Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) locations.