405 Freeway Demolition Media Staging Information

July 13, 2011

Media Staging Information for Outlets

Thursday, July 14, 2011
8:30 p.m.

Caltrans Park & Ride Lot
Skirball Center Drive Between Mulholland Drive and Skirball Bridge

Unified Command Public Information Officer

To provide information on access to the Skirball Park & Ride parking lot and to clarify media access to the Media Camera Platform / Media Staging Area.

The Media Staging Area located adjacent to the Skirball Park & Ride parking lot, is identified on the attached map.  The Media Staging Area is considered that area where ALL media personnel will be allowed to gather and cover the demolition of the Mulholland Bridge beginning  Friday July 15th.  
The 25 parking spaces within the Skriball Park & Ride parking lot have been reserved and assigned via a lottery that was held at the July 11thduring  the Media Briefing held at the Caltrans TMC.  Those parking spaces were distributed and assigned due to the limited space within that Park & Ride lot.  Those outlets that did not obtain a reserved parking space can find overflow parking north of the Skirball Park & Ride along Mulholland Drive on the dirt shoulder.  No vehicle parking will be allowed on the street or on any portion of the shoulder south of the Kiewit construction yard located on Mulholland.

Media outlets that were selected during the lottery may begin to access the Skirball Park& Ride parking lot beginning Thursday July 14th, no earlier than 8:30 p.m.  Assigned parking spaces are attached to this advisory.  The spaces were numbered from 1 to 25, number one being the space furthest North in the lot and closest to the Skirball Center Drive Freeway off-ramp.   All spaces are reserved and we ask that only those assigned to the appropriate space utilize the space to avoid any conflicts.  All cables should be run in a manner to avoid tripping hazards.  It is recommended that all cable be protected in “yellow jackets” or some other device when crossing the highway.  It is recommended that cable crossings occur closest to the crosswalk area of the northbound Skirball Center Drive off-ramp.  This location is less likely to have vehicles traveling at high speeds.  Both the on and off-ramps need to be clear at all times as they will be utilized by the construction crews throughout the demolition.

Any outlet that has an assigned parking space that will not be utilized for the duration of the closure is asked to notify the Unified Command PIO so that we may reallocate the space for the time period it is available.  There will be one portable toilet located at the Media Camera Platform however; there is no water and no power so plan accordingly.

We are putting a contact list together which will provide you with phone numbers for the Joint Information Center (JIC) during the closure. We hope to have that available by Thursday.

For more information please contact Lieutenant Andy Neiman, LAPD Media Relations Section at 213-486-5910 or 818-693-2461.

Attached you will find areal depictions of the Media Staging Area and Guidelines.

Lottery Assigned Parking Spaces:

1.NBC / LA KVE Team – Dave Seger
2. KMEX – Art Quesada

3. CBS – John Vincent
4.NBC News –John Cheang

 5.CNN – Lindy Hall
6. KTLA – Partick O’Keeff

7.LA Times – Ricardo Lopez
8.Fox – Melissa Chrise

9.Fox 11 – Ramon Nunez
10.KFI – Steve Gregory

11.KFWB – Rick Sietsema
12. Metro Networks – Kett Sami

13.KPCC – Brian Watt
14. KNX – Julie Chin

15. Time Warner – Susan Schapiro
16.NBCLA / Ch. 52 – David Seger

17.VA News – Vladimir Lywbushka
18.CNS – Richie Duchon

19.LA Weekly – Ted Soqui
20.LA Times – Ann Cusack

21.Getty Images – Kevork Djansezian
22.NY Times – Monica Almeida

23.Daily News – David Crane
24.KABC News  – Carlos Granda

25. AP News – Reed Saxon
Alt. #1 CBS Network – Rick Brown

Mulholland Bridge Demolition Guidelines For Media Staging Area

The following guidelines are provided on behalf of the Unified Command and the Construction Project Managers for the Media Staging Area located in the Caltrans Park & Ride at Skirball Drive & Mulholland. These guidelines shall be adhered to at all times unless otherwise modified by the Unified Command and the On-Site Unified Command Public Information Officer.

The Media Staging Area is considered to include the Caltrans Park & Ride parking lot located on Skirball Center Drive between the Mulholland and Skirball bridges. The Camera Platform is designated as the area of the bus bypass lane located between the 405 Freeway Skirball On-Ramp and Off-Ramp.
Parking in the Caltrans Park & Ride will be limited to only media vehicles that are required for broadcasting purposes, no personal vehicles will be allowed unless approved by the on-site PIO.
Parking in the Caltrans Park & Ride will be assigned based upon a lottery to be conducted on July 11th at the media briefing. Media outlets not selected in the lottery will have to park in the limited overflow parking North of Mulholland bridge.
Maintain a clean and safe working environment while operating in and around the Media Staging Area at all times.
Reflective vests shall be worn at all times while working in and around the Media Staging Area for all media personnel.
At no time shall media enter any of the closed areas including the freeway on-ramps, off-ramps, the Mulholland Bridge or any other designated construction zones without the permission and escort of the Unified Command PIO.
Construction personnel will be accessing both the Skirball On-ramp and Off-ramp during the demolition. Use extreme caution when crossing the streets and accessing the Camera Platform.
The westbound lane of Mulholland Drive/Skirball Drive from the Kiewit construction yard to the Skirball freeway on-ramp / off-ramp, will be a utilized as a construction only lane during the closure. No media or private vehicles will be allowed to access that lane at any time.
Media personnel shall not interview or delay any personnel involved in the demolition without first obtaining permission from the Kiewit PIO or representative and without notifying the on-site Unified Command PIO.
The Unified Command PIO will be available to coordinate interviews with the appropriate entity as requested and based upon their availability.
Due to the limited parking and tight quarters of the Media Staging Area, it is highly recommended that large media trucks be staged at the site for the duration and that personnel be shuttled to and from the location.
The Media Staging Area has no power or water so plan accordingly. There will be access to a portable toilet at the site.
The Media Staging Area is not a secure area and as such appropriate measures should be taken to secure all valuable items at all times.
The Skirball Facility is off limits and they have requested that no media attempt to access their facility for any reason. We ask that you respect the wishes of the wedding party Friday night and not attempt to interview any of their guests either before or after the ceremony.
Overflow parking for media not assigned a space in the Park & Ride is located on Mulholland Drive North of the Kiewit Construction yard. Park only on the dirt shoulder and not on the street unless authorized by the on-site Unified Command PIO.
During hours when the on-site Unified Command PIO is not present, all questions may be referred to LAPD Media Relations Section at 213-486-5910.