6-Year-Old Boy Receives Help at CicLAvia After an Accident NR14370lp

October 7, 2014

Los Angeles:  On Sunday October 6, 2014, around 1 p.m. a 6 year-old boy was slightly injured when someone crashed into his bike during the CicLAvia Event.

The child fell from his bike and bumped his head on the pavement. He was not wearing a helmet and suffered a slight bump on the head. The Los Angeles Fire Department treated and released the boy. Sgt. Seagrave from Wilshire Area was a witness to the accident and he contacted the boy’s parents and his three brothers. None of the children had helmets either and the parents only had $3 on them.

Wearing bike helmets has been a very important issue for Sergeant Seagrave due to an incident early in his career that involved a bicycle fatality where the 9 year-old victim was not wearing a helmet. Sergeant Seagrave could not allow the family to ride off without helmets so he had the family wait for him while he went to the local bike store and bought helmets for the four boys so that the family could continue to enjoy the rest of the day safely.

For interviews or comments please contact Sergeant Reese of Wilshire Division at
 (213) 473-0558.