77th Street Station Offers Boot Camp

October 7, 2005

Los Angeles : The Los Angeles Police Department is offering a military style Boot Camp to at-risk juveniles that reside in the City of Los Angeles.
Location: Freemont High School 7676 South San Pedro St., for 8 consecutive Saturdays. 
Who: ages 9-15, predominantly for Juveniles within South Los Angeles. Juveniles who attend are  mandated through court orders for minor offenses and or parent enrollment.
Registration is on 10-11-05 and on
10-13-05 at 6:00 p.m.,
Location: 7600 S Broadway Station
Juvenile Impact Program  starts on
11-05-05 at 8 a.m., sharp
Location: 7676 S. San Pedro St Fremont High School

MISSION :  To target at risk juveniles in the 77th area through police officer and detective efforts to instill a positive, permanent change in their behavior. Also a mandatory parenting class which consist of educating parents on discipling their children within the boundaries of the law, recognizing possible gang and narcotics involvement and increasing the communication between themselves and their children.
METHOD:  The LAPD, 77th Division will conduct a regimented military “Boot Camp” for juveniles by using approximately 10 LAPD instructors designated as Drill Instructors who will provide instruction in Drill, Ceremonies and Physical Training. The method is to obtain the attention and compliance through loud, boisterous and intense commands. Additionally LA Unified School District Instructors will provide training and counselors to the recruits and their parents in anger management and communication skills.
GOAL:  To correct and/or prevent negative and/or criminal behavior and attitudes in at risk juvenile recruits by instilling discipline, self-esteem and respect for themselves and others.  This will be accomplished through an intense regimented academic and physical training program. The emphasis on this program will be the retention of each recruit and their successful completion of the program as well as ultimately graduating a more disciplined, respectful, productive, confident and law abiding person who will continue the positive path set forth by the program and LAPD Drill Instructors.
For further information contact Officer Julia Peat or Officer Joe Marrone, 77th Station Community Police Station at 213-485-8606.