Addition to Most Wanted List Announced

May 3, 2007

Los Angeles: With the capture of LAPD’s fourth Top-10 Most Wanted gang member Police Chief William Bratton announced today the name of the next gang member to be added to the list.

Dion Durell Hayes, 25, is a member of the Swan’s a blood street gang in South Los Angeles.  An arrest warrant for murder was issued for him after he was implicated in the July 5, 2005, shooting death of Andre Williams.  Durell and another man chased Williams down an alley and shot him.  

"Hayes has prior Assault charges and was convicted of a second-degree assault for a homicide in Seattle, in 2000, said Detective John Radtke, South Bureau Criminal/Gang Homicide Group. Detectives have been trying to find Durell but have been unsuccessful. It is our hope that by releasing his photograph today someone might know his whereabouts."    

Hayes is 5’7", with black hair and brown eyes.

The City Council has authorized up to $50,000 as a reward for information that leads to the capture of any of the Top-10 Most Wanted Gang Members.  The LAPD’s toll free-number is 1-877-LAWFULL (1-877-529-3855)

A photograph Hayes is available on