Aggressive Dogs Attack Student

March 2, 2007

Los Angeles: A student returning to school was attacked by two pit bulls as he walked southbound on San Pedro Street from 113th Street.

On February 21, 2007, shortly after 9 AM, Southeast officers Charles Garcia and Carlos Lozano had just issued a truancy citation to a juvenile when he was approached by two aggressive pit bulls.

Both dogs were attempting to bite the juvenile as he walked. The officers directed the juvenile back towards their location in hopes the dogs would retreat. As the dogs got closer to the juvenile, both officers fired one round each at the dogs. The dogs continued their advance and the officers fired additional rounds.

This proved effective in stopping the dogs’ aggression and causing them to run northbound out of the area. Several minutes later one of the dogs was found dead in the area of 109th Street and McKinley by two Los Angeles School Police Officers (LASPD).

The juvenile was not injured.

Officer Garcia is 41 and has been with the LAPD for 13 years.
Officer Lozano is 35 and has 9 years with the Department

Southeast Area detectives are handling the investigation.