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January 15, 2020

LAPD Races To The Future With Zero All Electric Motorcycles

Los Angeles: Through a Clean Transportation Funding grant from the Mobile Source Air Pollution Reduction Review Committee (MSRC), the LAPD races to the future and supports the City’s Sustainability Plan with the purchase of three Zero all electric off-road motorcycles. The evolution of zero emissions policing has begun, ushering amazing progress through the embrace of new technologies, and the LAPD is once again leading the way with a zero emissions ride.

The three Zero off road motorcycles are part of a pilot project to test the effectiveness of zero emissions motorcycles in off-road patrol around parks, hiking trails, equestrian habitats, and driving surfaces that are not conventionally paved and are often created naturally like sand, gravel, water, mud or snow, and to also provide patrol at special events. Because electric motorcycles do not emit sound, they are an ideal choice in these habitats where noise and caustic emissions are not desirable.

Zero motorcycles started the electric motorcycle revolution in 2006. Headquartered and crafted in California, they were the right choice for a law enforcement agency that prides itself in serving and collaborating with the community and has been leading the way since its inception.

Since 1990, the MSRC has invested more than 400 million in hundreds of clean transportation initiatives that reduce air pollution from motor vehicles throughout the South Coast Region. When the opportunity arose, the LAPD sought MSRC assistance to launch its Zero All Electric Off-Road Motorcycles Pilot Program. Knowing that the MSRC played a key role in helping deliver thousands of clean vehicles to the streets of communities throughout the region, the partnership was a natural one destined to ensure success while helping to conserve the limited financial resources of the LAPD.