Anti-theft Campaign “Leave It And Lose It” NR19142ma

May 24, 2019

Devonshire Division Launches Anti-theft Campaign “Leave It And Lose It”

Northridge- Nobody wants to be a victim of crime, but if you leave your purse, computer, other valuable items in plain sight, you’re increasing the risk that you will become a theft victim. To combat these crimes, the Los Angeles Police Department’s Devonshire Division has launched a campaign with local business owners to help curtail theft. The antitheft campaign called “Leave It and Lose It”: features three different posters that business are posting.

It takes less than 4 seconds to grab valuables left in plain sight. Recently, the Devonshire Division has seen an increase in theft at coffee shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, and public areas when people leave their valuables in plain sight and walk away for just moments.

These crimes can be prevented with a few simple actions. The most important is never leave your valuables unattended. Thieves take advantage of laptops, cellphones, purses and other valuables left in plain sight. The LAPD offers a simple tip to prevent becoming a victim: don’t leave valuables in plain sight or slightly hidden and don’t use valuables to save a seat.