Armed Man Advances on LAPD Officer – Officer Involved Shooting Occurs NR10287ah

May 28, 2010

Los Angeles:  Yesterday, a 21-year old North Hills man armed with a metal fireplace poker advanced on a police officer in a threatening manner and was fatally shot.

On May 27, 2010, at about 12:30 p.m., Los Angeles Police Department officers assigned to Mission Patrol Division responded to a call for service involving a man with a history of suicide threats.  Upon arriving at the residence in the 8300 block of Burnet Avenue, family members directed the officers to the man, later identified as Oscar Morales.  

Officers encountered Morales in the living room area of the house.  Morales initially appeared to cooperate with officers, but then, for no apparent reason, armed himself with a fireplace poker and advanced on an officer.  Morales would not drop the fireplace poker and an officer involved shooting occurred.  

Morales was shot in the upper torso and fell to the floor.  He was rushed to a local hospital where he failed to respond to treatment and died.

Officer Davis Giron was the officer involved.  He has 10 years and 5 months with the LAPD.
Force Investigation Division responded to the scene and is responsible for conducting the officer involved shooting investigation.