Arrest of Department Commanding Officer

December 9, 2003

Los Angeles: Today, Los Angeles Police Department Hollywood Patrol Captain Julie D. Nelson was arrested. Nelson was booked by the La Palma Police Department as the result of a joint investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department, the La Palma Police Department and the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.
Information from a confidential source came to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Professional Standards Bureau alleging that Nelson was involved in the sale of pirated and counterfeit DVD movies. The Professional Standards Bureau initiated an investigation into these allegations. PSB mounted an undercover operation that resulted in the purchase of several pirated DVDs.
Search warrants for Nelson’s residence and vehicles were executed this afternoon. More than a hundred pirated and counterfeit DVD movies were recovered.
Nelson has been charged with two felonies, 653(w) of the California Penal Code, (Failure to Disclose Origin of Recording or Audiovisual Work); and 350 California Penal Code (Possession for sale and sale of Counterfeit Trademark or Registered Mark).
Nelson, who has been with the Department for 28 years, has been relieved of all police powers and assigned to her residence pending further investigation.
"As this investigation and arrest makes clear, when the Department receives information that one of its own is breaking the law, regardless of rank, we will pursue every lead using every available resource," said LAPD First Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell.
The Motion Picture Association of America investigative and expert staff assisted the LAPD in this investigation.
This news release was prepared by Media Relations Section, at 213-485-3586.