Arrest of Suspect at Harbor Recreation Center NR22259bb

September 9, 2022

September 9, 2022


Upon further review, the City Attorney’s Office rejected this case.


Harbor City:  On September 2, 2022, around 5:00 pm, Harbor Area Gang Enforcement Detail officers attempted to detain three individuals for a firearm investigation in the parking lot of the Harbor Recreation Center located in the 24900 block of Frampton Ave, during a City sponsored event.  Two of the three individuals complied with the officers, while a third did not, and broke away from the group.  Once the first two were handcuffed, officers turned their attention to the third individual who had begun recording the officers with his cell phone.

A portion of this interaction was recorded by the third individual as well as bystanders.  Apparently, the recordings were uploaded to various social media platforms. The Department is aware that some have suggested that the third individual was only detained as he was attempting to record the officers’ actions. Others at scene were also recording and not the subject of the officer’s attention.

The first two individuals were released, and a firearm was not recovered.

The third individual, identified as 19-year-old Roberto Cortez, a resident of Los Angeles, was eventually taken into custody and booked for 69 PC: Resisting an Executive Officer, Booking # 6456921.

This case was presented to the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office who filed 1 count of Resisting Arrest.

Cortez is not an LAPD volunteer and was not participating in the event at the time of the detention.

A non-categorical use of force investigation and a personnel complaint have been initiated.