Arrestee Found Dead in Jail Cell

July 17, 2006

Los Angeles: On July 16, 2006, a 39-year-old woman failed to respond to life-saving efforts and died in a jail cell at the 77th Street Regional Jail Facility which is part of the City of Los Angeles jail system.

At 11:28 AM, Schalanda Auston’s cellmate told detention officers, who were conducting their every-30-minute custody checks, that Auston did not seem to be moving. When a detention officer checked the woman, she was motionless and did not respond to commands.

Detention officers and the jail’s medical staff provided medical intervention, but the woman did not respond. Despite additional help from Fire Department paramedics, Auston was pronounced dead around 12:15 PM.

Auston had been arrested on a felony narcotics warrant just before 11 PM on July 14, 2006, by officers assigned to the Newton Street Police Station. The warrant was related to a charge of transportation and sales of cocaine.

Investigators assigned to the Force Investigation Division will conduct an investigation into the circumstances of Auston’s death.