Attempt Murder Suspect Arrested As A Result Of Quick Action By Police Officer

April 20, 2001

"Attempt Murder Suspect Arrested as a Result of Quick Action by Police Officer"
Los Angeles – On Friday, April 20, 2001, at 11:30 A. M., Officer Jaime Bennett, in plain clothes, while conducting administrative duties, was flagged down by a witness at 9914 South Broadway. The witness reported that he had just seen a robbery take place. He pointed out to Officer Bennett the suspect’s fleeing vehicle. The witness further stated that the suspect, a male Black, approximately 26 years of age, had entered the laundromat and demanded the victim’s car keys. The victim is a female Black, 70 years old. The suspect grabbed her car keys, pulled them away from her and then fired one round from a semi automatic weapon into her abdomen.
As the suspect fled the location in the victim’s vehicle, Officer Bennett, though working by himself, followed the armed suspect while summoning the assistance of other officers and calling for an ambulance for the injured victim. After a brief vehicular pursuit, the suspect pulled the car over and got out. As he did so the weapon dropped to the ground. LAPD officers immediately converged on the suspect and took him into custody. The victim was transported to Martin Luther King Hospital where she is in serious, but stable condition. Officer Bennett visited the victim at the hospital after the suspect’s arrest.
The suspect is identified as Richard Stokes, 26 years old, and a resident of Compton. He was booked for Attempt Murder and is being held without bail at Twin Towers County Jail. Richard Stokes is a known gang member. He is currently on parole for murder.
This Press Release was prepared by Officer Eduardo Funes, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.