Attempt Murder Suspects Captured

September 6, 2005

Los Angeles: On Saturday, September 3, 2005, at around 7:40 p.m., a “drive-by” shooting occurred in the alley East of Broadway between 61st and 62nd Streets in Los Angeles.  Newton Area Police Officers Julio Benavides, a ten year veteran and Police Officer Mario Flores, five-years with the LAPD, heard the description of the wanted suspects and the vehicle involved in the shooting over a radio broadcast and saw a car that matched the description. 
The officers followed the car, but the suspect’s car accelerated to evade the officers, Flores and Benevides informed Communications Division to upgrade their following to a pursuit.  Southwest Division Police Officers Manuel Rumion, ten years with the LAPD, and Erle Quach, five years with the Department, also heard the radio broadcast and provided back-up for the pursuing Newton Officers.  The suspects drove around a fast food restaurant near Broadway and Florence, exited the car and ran in different directions.  Officers Benavides and Flores ran after Robert Contreras, a 19-year-old male, Hispanic, who ducked into an alley where an Officer Involved Shooting occurred.  Officer Rumion confronted a 17-year-old, male, Hispanic who was running with a shotgun, and an Officer Involved Shooting occurred.  The third suspect, a 16-years-old male Hispanic was also captured and taken into custody for possession of a handgun.
The two juvenile suspects were booked at Newton Police Station for Attempted Murder, and suspect Contreras remains in police custody at a local hospital due to the severity of his injuries.  Upon recovery, he will also be booked for Attempted Murder.