Auto Theft Task Force Close Down Two Chop Shop Operations

January 11, 2000

Monday, January 11, 2000

On Monday, January 10, 2000 at 10:45 AM, CECAT (Community Effort to Combat Auto Theft) was conducting business inspections of vehicle dismantling yards in the San Fernando Valley. During the inspection, it was discovered that two locations were operating chop shops.

During the inspection of Sun Valley Auto Dismantling at the 8900 block of Norris Avenue, CECAT team members discovered the suspects in the act of cutting up and spreading out a stolen vehicle throughout the yard. The stolen vehicle was a 1996 Lexus, stolen on January 4, 2000. Both the owner and manager implicated themselves in the chop shop operation and were arrested at the scene. Grisha Khachkian, a 47-year-old male and Arsen Oganesyan, a 31-year-old male were arrested for 10801 VC, operating a chop shop and booked at Van Nuys Jail with a bail of $50,000 each.

At the same time, CECAT team members were also conducting a business inspection next door at Rainbow Auto Dismantling. The inspection revealed they also had cut up a stolen 1997 Ford Explorer which was stolen on January 4, 2000. Oganes Akopyan, a 31-year-old male and Minas Minasian, a 27-year-old male were arrested and booked for 10801 VC, operating a chop shop with a bail of $50,000 each.

For Release 1:55 pm PST
January 11, 2000