Avoid Shooting In the Air — The Life You Save Could Be the Life of A Child

June 22, 2001

Los Angeles – Each year, as part of the Independence Day celebration on July 4th, many individuals participate in a ritual of shooting their guns in the air, not realizing the potential dangers of this practice. In an effort to make the public aware of these dangers, the Los Angeles Police Department has embarked upon a campaign to educate the public.
California Penal Code Section 246.3 prohibits negligent discharging of firearms, and anyone who violates 246.3 PC, will have their firearms confiscated, and will be arrested for a felony. In the event that errant gunfire kills someone, shooters will be arrested and charged for murder.
A Public Service Announcement (PSA) has been distributed by the Los Angeles Police Department Media Relations Section to all television and radio networks and additional copies are available upon request. The PSAs contain a message from the family of 9 year-old shooting victim, Brian Perez.
Media Relations Section personnel will be available to explain and/or answer questions, relating to issues associated with shooting guns during Independence Day at 213-485-3586.
This press release was prepared by Police Officer Guillermo Campos, Media Relations Section, 213-485-3586.