Ax-Wielding Man Shot While Charging Police

October 23, 2006

Los Angeles: A man with an ax who charged police was killed Friday in the East Hollywood Area of Los Angeles.

On October 20, 2006, around 12:20 P.M., Police Officer III José Mireles, 18 years, 5 months with the Department, and Police Officer I Daniel Ramirez, 11 months with the Department, were assigned to Rampart Area Patrol.

The officers, in uniform and patrolling in a marked police car, were assigned a radio call of a burglary in progress at 837 N. Edgemont Street. The suspect was described as a male Hispanic with a blue shirt and beige pants and as being armed with an ax.

Witnesses directed the officers to the suspect on Lily Crest Avenue west of Edgemont Street. The officers saw a male Hispanic armed with a yellow handled pick mattock tool. Officer Mireles ordered the suspect to put the tool down, as Officer Ramirez retrieved the beanbag less-than-lethal shotgun from the trunk of the police car. The suspect advanced toward the officers, threatening them with his weapon.

Officer Ramirez fired one projectile from the beanbag shotgun. At approximately the same time, Officer Mireles fired a single round from his service pistol, striking the man.The suspect was transported to Los Angeles County USC Medical Center where he died from his injuries.

The suspect is believed to be responsible for several burglaries in the area. The suspect’s weapon was taken from the home of a burglary victim. As of this notification, the suspect’s identity has not been determined.

The LAPD’s Force Investigation Division is handling the investigation. Any questions may be directed to Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.