Baldwin Village-Crenshaw Crime Reduction Efforts

January 5, 2009

News Conference
Friday, January 9, 2009
11:00 a.m.     
3905 Santa Rosa Lia Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90008
William J. Bratton, Chief of Police
Kenneth Garner, Deputy Chief, Commanding Officer, Operations-South Bureau
James Craig, Captain, Commanding Officer, Southwest Area
Chris Homewood, Director of Assets Protection – Target Corporation
Walmart Representatives
Community and Business Partners
Southwest Area Community Police Station and business and community partners who live and work in Southwest Los Angeles have embarked on an ambitious project to bring leading law enforcement information technology to the Baldwin Village and the Crenshaw District.  This is the first LAPD business partnership with Target Corporation, under Target’s "Safe City Initiative."  

Community stakeholders pledged to donate over a quarter million dollars to fund modern police technology tools to combat gang violence.  The project will bring the newest evolving crime fighting equipment to the communities of Baldwin Village and the Crenshaw District.  This technology combined with committed partnerships will be another innovative approach to strategically combating crime.  

Target Corporation has been one of the project’s vital business partners and will present a grant as part of Target Corporation’s "Safe City Initiative." The partnership with LAPD is part of Target & BLUE, through which Target partners with local, state and federal law enforcement by providing equipment, grants, training and world-class forensic support.

For additional information, please contact Lieutenant Darnell Davenport, Southwest Division at 323-290-6523, or Media Relations Section at 213-485-3586.