Beloved Wilshire Detective Loses Long Battle with Cancer NR09199kr

April 22, 2009

Los Angeles:  On Monday, April 13, 2009, Wilshire Gang Impact Team Detective Janine Manji passed away after a 7 year battle with cancer.  

Janine Manji was born and raised in Sacramento, California.  In 1990 Janine graduated from UCLA after majoring in Psychology and Business.  She later pursued her dream of becoming an LAPD officer and joined the Department on August 7, 1995.  After her probationary period in North Hollywood Division, she found her home at Wilshire Division.  

Janine’s heart and commitment was clearly in the battle against gang crimes.  She quickly became the team leader in the Gang Enforcement Detail, leading uniformed officers into the dark and gang infested streets of Los Angeles.  Although small and petite, Janine’s big heart and commitment allowed her to capture and put away many members of the most violent and notorious street gangs in Los Angeles.  Janine is recognized nationally as a gang expert and has assisted various local, state, and federal agencies in the identification and/or capture of wanted fugitives for crimes ranging from theft, robbery, assault, extortion, and murder.  

In 2002 at the age of 35, Janine was diagnosed with cancer.  Immediate treatment and her will to overcome this disease appeared to have prevailed.  She was cancer free for the next few years and did not allow this terrible disease to hold her back.  

Janine was thrilled In 2005 when she was promoted to the rank of Detective and continued her crusade against gangs while assigned to the Wilshire Gang Impact Team.

The cancer returned in December of 2007.  Despite aggressive treatments and her will to survive, the cancer was no match.  Up until recently, Janine would not let her illness keep her down and she refused to give up.  Although visibly weak, weary, and often in unbearable pain, Janine continued to contribute greatly as a Detective assigned to Gang Impact Team.  Janine died at the age of 41.  She will be memorialized and remembered fondly during her funeral services scheduled for Thursday, April 23, 2009.

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