Board of Police Commissioners Solicits Applications for Civilian Hearing Examiners

August 24, 2021

Los Angeles – The Los Angeles Board of Police Commissioners will be accepting applications for the position of Civilian "Part Time as Needed" Hearing Examiner beginning August 24, 2021 and closing September 30, 2021. The position bulletin and application will be available here, Police Commission.

Board of Rights Hearing Examiners as needed participate as a member of a tribunal that conducts quasi-judicial administrative hearings on police officer disciplinary matters. A Hearing Examiner participating on a Board of Rights makes findings of fact based on sworn testimony and evidentiary submissions and may recommend to the Chief of police that a sworn member of the Police Department be suspended, demoted, or removed. Additionally, a Hearing Examiner presides as the sole member of an Administrative Appeal process and makes findings of fact and recommendations to the Chief of Police.

The minimum requirements for individuals to serve as a Civilian Hearing Examiner include:

  • 1. Shall not have a criminal record or a sustained allegation of misconduct related to the applicant’s employment or profession that would impact his or her ability to act impartially as a Board of Rights panel member or conduct an Administrative Appeal Hearing;
  • 2. Should have a record of responsible community service;
  • 3. Preferably a resident of the City of Los Angeles;
  • 4. Shall not presently be employed as a peace officer. If a former peace officer, at least five years separation from their last employing agency;
  • 5. Should have at least two years experience in human resources, personnel relations, labor relations, or personnel matters related to recommending, administrating, adjudicating or reviewing the administration of discipline.

Hearing Examiners receive $900 for a full day hearing, $450 for a half-day hearing, and $900 per final report for an Administrative Appeal hearing.

Additional information and background may be found by reviewing the City Council action and staff reports at

Police Commission Executive Director Richard M. Tefank stated, "The Police Commission is desirous of increasing the diversity of the Hearing Examiner pool and encourages those interested to apply beginning August 24, 2021."

The applications that are submitted and those meeting the minimum qualifications will be interviewed. From the applicants interviewed the most qualified will be recommended to the Board of Police Commissioners individuals for consideration as Hearing Examiners.

Any questions can be directed to the Office of the Police Commission at (213) 236-1400.