Breonna Taylor Protest in Hollywood Turns Violent and Destructive NR21073wc

March 15, 2021

Hollywood: A protest for the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death became violent and destructive resulting in ten arrests and 4 injuries.

On March 13, 2021, around 8:00 p.m., a group of protestors gathered in Hollywood to recognize the one-year anniversary of Breonna Taylor’s death. The group marched in the areas of Santa Monica Boulevard, Vine Street, Sunset Boulevard, and surrounding neighborhoods.

The group was dressed in all black clothing and was equipped with various weapons such as pepper spray, smoke grenades, metal batons, and brass knuckles. They were also equipped with helmets, bullet-resistant vests, gas masks, and makeshift shields. Suspects within the group began to spray paint walls with graffiti, broke the windows to businesses, and ignited trash can fires.

As LAPD officers began making arrests of individuals for their criminal acts, officers were attacked with thrown metal objects, setting off smoke grenades, flashing strobe lights, and in one instance an individual jumped onto a police vehicle while stomping on the hood and windshield.

Three officers were treated for the following injuries: 1. Laceration to the hand after being struck by a computer thrown by a protestor. 2. Ear damage as a result of a protestor detonating a smoke grenade immediately next to an officer. 3. Knee injury as a result of a fall during a foot pursuit.

One protestor was treated for injuries sustained during a use of force and is in custody for ADW on a police officer.

Nine businesses were vandalized (broken windows and signs).

A total of 10 (9 Adults and 1 Juvenile) protestors were arrested for the following charges:

Last Name First Name Age Charge Booking No. 1.Woodward Jessica 27 22210PC Possession of a prohibited item. 6143044 2.Stefanic Christopher 36 245(A)(1)PC ADW on a Police Officer 6143117 3.Brown John 19 245(A)(1)PC ADW on a Police Officer 6143127 4.Anglin Avery 22 243(B)PC Battery on a Police Officer 6143140 5.Smith Eric 24 245(C)PC ADW on a Police Officer 6143062 6.Rappa Mario 27 407PC Unlawful Assembly 6143181 7.Gersovitz Erik 30 407PC Unlawful Assembly 6143193 8.Lightfoot Brian 24 22810(A)PC Poss of a prohibited item. 6143197 9.Williams Benson 27 245(C)PC ADW on a Police Officer 5986823

The Los Angeles Police Department remains committed to ensuring everyone’s First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech is protected during peaceful demonstrations, while also acting swiftly on any acts of violence.