Building Relationships One Dinner at a Time

June 27, 2021
Building Relationships One Dinner at a Time
Operations South Bureau Dinner Dialogue

The Human Relations Commission recently released a three-year report on policing and the Black community in a 44 page report titled, "Community Dinner Dialogue Pilot Program and Reconvening Report." Within the report numerous recommendations were made, with four reoccurring themes that revolved around community engagement, transparency, accountability, and training. The Los Angeles Police Department fully embraces and supports the recommendations.

Chief Michel Moore stated, "The Department looks forward to opportunities to continue to expand dialogues like these and others. We are listening and embracing ways we can build greater equity and show our respect for all people. We are grateful for the feedback which drives us to be true to our core value of Quality Through Continuous Improvement."

The mission of dinner was to break down the barriers between police officers and the residents they serve. The dinner dialogues offered a voice for the community and officers to self-reflect and discuss community perceptions.

The dinner removed the physical barriers that routinely define interactions between law enforcement and community members. The dinners allowed for relaxed, informal personal interactions in a friendly atmosphere. These informal meetings increase trust in police officers as individuals, which is a foundation to building partnerships and engaging in community problem-solving. The conversations that took place were candid and productive, improving the perceptions of all who participated. These dinners and other such encounters hold significant promise to improve trust between the Department and the community.

We look forward to a continued commitment with the Human Relations Commission to work towards our common goals and continue to listen to our community and continue to be an innovative and learning organization.