Burglary Arrest in the West Los Angeles Area NR16216ti

July 12, 2016

Los Angeles: The Los Angeles
Police Department and the West Los Angeles Area Detectives served a
search warrant in North Hollywood area on June 29, 2016, related to
a Burglary that occurred in West Los Angeles Area in April of

Detectives investigation revealed that 42-year-old Dawn Belmonte
had utilized a postal key to bypass an apartment’s locked exterior
door and accessed the underground structure where she subsequently
stole a bicycle and broke into a car.

The items recovered during the search of Belmonte’s residence
appear to have been taken in additional incidents of theft and
burglary in other parts of the city

It is
believed Belmonte may be involved in additional residential
burglaries and or mail thefts throughout Los Angeles and
neighboring jurisdictions.

On June 29, 2016, around 7:20 a.m., Dawn Belmonte was arrested for
Burglary and held on No-Bail. The LAPD would like to remind the
community to please register and lock their bicycles, and to
refrain from leaving valuables in their vehicles.